Webcam image DMCA reports

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What is DMCA

DMCA stands for Digital Milenium Copyright Act. For our "lust4Chat" site this means that if the content / subject in a webcam image on our site is you, you can make a official DMCA takedown request. Photos on our webcam site are retained 7 to 30 days and then removed completely. If you don't want to be displayed on sites like lust4Chat ask the webcam site you are working for to exclude your pics and profile from any publicity tools, or stop working as a webcam entertainer !

Why is my photo here ?

Your image is displayed at lust4Chat because we are advertising your chat room, sending you potential clients, and more money! We do not enjoy your automated DMCA takedown notices, these are hurting our adult cam site and our business. If you do not work for a livecamsite anymore your cam picture will be automatically deleted!

lust4Chat - DMCA Reports

Often we get DMCA reports to erase webcam entertainer pictures from our adult cam site. Cammodels are applying automated systems to detect any cam pics containing their model name and DMCA messages are send to any site owners using these webcam photos. lust4Chat is created with a set of live cam performers from a selection of adult webcam sites. Our site is automatically refreshed with information and webcam images from videochat sites, this information and campics are offered as promotional tools. This means that all images presented on this livecamsite are authorized, webcam models already gave approval to display their cam pics as advertising tools to the administrator of the primary site. All webcam pictures on our livecamsite are destroyed automatically after 7-30 days, depending on the settings, if the cammodel does not use the MAIN webcam site anymore, their images will not be downloaded again. If the cam artist only wants to be shown on the main livecamsite, they should get in touch with the helpdesk of the partner website to be left out from any advertising tools! Our videochatsite "lust4Chat" is 100% compliant with any regulations like ip address and country filtering.